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Money - Notes

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Notes Below are the money notes used in England today. See if you can recognise them all.

Sentences using notes:

Sally bought a book for £20.
The new TV licence costs £50 for one year.
Belinda gets £10 pocket money each month.

Sums using notes:
A doll costs £5, A toy car costs £6, A bat costs £3, A ball costs £2

Question – Molly wants to buy a doll and a ball. How much will it cost?
Doll + Ball = £5 + £2 = £7

Question – Billy wants to buy a bat and has £5. How much money will he have left over?
£5 – Bat = £5 - £3 = £2

Question – Alan has £5 but wants to buy a toy car. How much more money will he need?
Toy Car - £5 = £6 - £5 = £1

More sentences using notes:

Jake went to the cinema and bought a ticket to see a film for £6.
Lucy’s Judo class costs £5 per session.
Our new TV cost £100.
The gardener charges £15 per hour to cut the grass.
Our flights to Portugal will cost us £300 per person.
I sold some honey at the fair at £2 per jar and sold 100 jars on the day.
Jo lost £5 on the way to school.
My grandma gave me £20 for my burthday.
The Council tax bill was £200 per month last year.
Jim got a new job at the supermarket and is being paid £6 per hour.

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